About us

Our Approach:

We like small. That’s why our classes sit up to a maximum of 10 students. We teach everyone. Even if you are new to programming, we’ll bring you up to speed. You’ll learn how to think like a software engineer and build production-quality applications..

Our Philosophy:

We are passionate. We are experienced. We are dedicated. We are Wit Institute.

Our Motto:

It has always been our goal to empower you with technology. We believe that everyone should learn how to code and build software. Be it for yourself, school, or work, the ability to develop a smartphone app is indispensable.

What Our Graduates have to say!

"I did Course from Wit Institute and after giving only 2 interviews, get a satisfying Job. Now I am web Developer in reputed firm with good salary. Great Work, Keep it up .".

Gabriel IgweWebdev Student @ WitInstitute

Frankly speaking, I had very low self confidence because of which I was able to learn the things but was not able to do practically. A very calm and supportive faculty at Wit Institute helped me to increase my confidence through One to One training Session and I was taught as per my needs. Yes, it took somewhat more time than required but ultimately I learned the entire PHP professional. I was also given lots of assignments and quizzes to build my self confidence through which I learned practical things along with theory.

Nathan AyodeleWebdev Student @ WitInstitute

Course explanation is very nice. Different types of assignments are given in order to make the things smooth and clear which helped me to grasp the things promptly.I used to learn online . Thus, it was a very lovely experience studying at Wit Institute. Thanks.

Mariam OWebDev Student @ WitInstitute

I found Wit institute best in the era of Web/Graphic/Mobile Dev Training because of excellent faculties and education system.

Kola OladipoMobile App Dev Student @ WitInstitute

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